The domestic material from the UK and Ireland is suited to both double face and nappa production at different times of the season. The quality is high and conditions on the farm and in the countryside do not give the problems associated with material from drier climates.

We can supply material either drum salted or hand salted and skins can be machine shorn or wool on, as required. Shipment is normally made in loads of between 4,000 and 7,000 pieces, depending on weight and size, although we can send smaller quantities or mixed loads. Skins are shipped on strapped and labelled pallets. This means that ease of handling and identification is guaranteed and allows skins to be sent to any location safely.

The wide range of sheep breeds available from Great Britain and Ireland allows us to satisfy your requirements.

For more information please get in touch with:
John Boneham
+44 (0)7860 755396

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about us

Marshall Farmer Limited was formed in 1976 to serve the UK Meat Industry by distributing hides and skins produced in the United Kingdom.

our products

We supply skins, hides and also wool and duster products.


We have depots strategically placed throughout the UK enabling us to source a wide range of material available from England, Scotland & Wales.

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