Wool & Dusters


The United Kingdom wool clip produces a significant volume of good quality wool, suitable for all manufacturing purposes. Fleece wool is available to customers outside the UK. We also produce a large amount of wool bandknifed from skins, suitable for blending. These products are seasonal so please contact us to find out the availability and specifications of our wool.

Please get in touch with:
Charles Paisley
+44 (0)7841 586765


Marshall Farmer Group produces a range of woolly dusters for the retail and janitorial markets. Made with dyed sheepskin and wool, our dusters are available with wood or plastic handles. We have a range of colours to meet your requirements.

Please get in touch with:
Jeff Styles
+44 (0)7872 694588

Or see our contacts page for more info.

about us

Marshall Farmer Limited was formed in 1976 to serve the UK Meat Industry by distributing hides and skins produced in the United Kingdom.

our products

We supply skins, hides and also wool and duster products.


We have depots strategically placed throughout the UK enabling us to source a wide range of material available from England, Scotland & Wales.

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